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Being locked up in a psychiatric institution by a psychiatrist on the basis of an incorrect diagnosis usually not only leads to loss of liberty, but also to terrible physical and psychological damage.

The consequences can be much worse than unjustified detention in jail.  It can totally destroy a person's existence.

When a person has been unjustly jailed, he does not have to demonstrate the judge's guilt for this in order to be awarded compensation, as far as I know.

However, regarding compensation and reinstatement of honor for damage done by a psychiatrist based on an incorrect diagnosis, proving medical negligence within a limited period of time is required.  

On this website, I, as a victim of an incorrect diagnosis in psychiatry, describe my experience in attempting to seek compensation, and my contacts with the government,  politicians,  and political parties who claim to highly value equality and social justice.

It turned out to be impossible for me to obtain compensation. Probably, in our legal state, that is fairly impossible in all such cases.

The reason is that the person seeking justice finds himself subjected to all sorts of people who scratch each other's backs in all sorts of ways, and are protected by laws and rules which enable them to do that.

The fact that people who have been injected to pieces in an institution on the basis of an incorrect diagnosis are not eligible for compensation totally violates my sense of justice.

That proponents of the legal state think that compensation isn't always required seems very strange to me.

Finally, the name I use on this site is a pseudonym.

G. Marchand

P. S.  
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